17 September 2008


So here we go...Zapatos!
The foundation to any mans attire. It's the soil that's enriched with polish which gives it moisture to breathe while enduring the concrete jungle. It's the essence in which every well dressed caballero(gentleman) takes the most pride in. Take care of your shoes and not only will they return the favor but they'll exude the flare in which your personality is modestly saying...I believe that all great empire are erected from the bottom up. The same applies with "zapatos". It's impossible to have a fly look without a sound foundation. Try it, and your estilo will crumble!

Gents, always remember, comfort and estilo are hand in glove. I always walk the store for a least 10mins to ensure that the comfort is premium. It's a short investment time for well spent coins on your shoez. Before showcasing your fresh zapatos, make certain to moisturize the leather or repellent for the suede to ensure the longevity of the skin. If you're like me, and prefer storing your zapatos in boxes(which most style experts ill advise)make sure that the boxes have a small whole about the size of a dime cut in. This allows the skin to breathe and prevent mode in the leather. Shoe trees which keeps the form of your shoez are highly recommended...Oh fellas, I need for you to add rubber heel and toe taps to your shoes. Why? Because some of us pimp so hard that we compound the pavement on the outsides of our heels...and believe me, there is nothing less appealing than banging wheels with uneven worn spots.

I remember my dad gathering all his shoes on hair cut Saturday to be cleaned by "Cat Eye", the shoe shine magician that worked in our barber shop on Mlk dr. in the Morris Brown district, would work his magic. When Cat Eye finished, I was always amazed at how renewed my dad zapatos were. When my dad got dressed to step out... and laced up, the shoez popped the out fit like women's lip stick...but stronger.

My experience has been that mujeres(women) adores the look of a man in nicely cared for shoez. You can have on weak denims and a busted T and your shoez will save the day...So my advise is to determine your estilo for the day around what shoez you're wearing not the other way around. Start at the bottom and work your way up...

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LuLu said...

I guess you have convinced me. I always thought, threads first, shoes second.