16 September 2008

My debut


It was impressed upon me to create a blog about the thing I'm quite passionate about, "the male image." So this is my debut... but first I'll let you know a little about me... I'm Jenero De Rio. Native to the Hottest city on the up-rise, "Atlanta." I'm third generation American. My blood line runs to Angola on my paternal side and to Columbia on my maternal side. My heart beats to the rhythm of the bantu.
I've traveled extensively as a child thanks to my adventurous and open minded dad.
Being well groom wasn't an option for me. It was my immediate environment. My dad was a well dressed man. Sporting Pier Cardin zapatos, designer silk socks with logos, well draped slacks, dry cleaned denim's, creased shirts, sport jackets, and accessories to complete the song. My mother, on the side, hosted and coordinated fashion shows which I was a part of. I've done pictorials for Kessler's , JC Penny's and Sears as a kid. So image and estilo was ingrained in me early on.
While in High School I became exposed to the wonders of thrifting. You see, we were always looking for that original piece which couldn't be found in department stores. We were "Preppy" at that time. Strictly and I mean strictly by the preppy hand book. It was the C O D E!!!
I've ventured into Punk, Surfer, Mod and Skate estilo's. However still a skater (sector 9 cruiser on 77m kryto) but don't dress as one.
I've read fashion publications from GQ to M to Ebony Man to Estylo and the one things that carries over the "Look" is your "ASSURANCE." I don't consider my self the best dressed man in my ciudad but what I have is something that cant be given to you because you're rocking in the finest fabrics. I have the samba and the cumbia in my estilo and you can feel it when I step out and that's what separates me from the pack. My amigos consider me to be a fashion guru. I can dress and adorn pretty much anyone to their personality or to their cultural lineage.
While attending college I removed all meats from my diet other than fish pero no shell fish and increased my intake of fruits and veggies. Ethnic foods are mi favorito! I make certain that I visit the gym at least 3times a week. It helps to keep the illness at bay and the ladies on the way(smile). Nutrition is high on my priority list... I'm a avid dancer. It frees my soul.
I presently host a 2hr broadcast called "The Tambor". A cultural multi-ethnic radio program that showcases the African presents in Latin America. In addition, I make my living as a Landscaper and moving towards a career in "Male Image Consulting". Lastly, I have a beautiful daughter named "Summer." and this was my debut...

Thanks for passing through.

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LuLu said...

El primer paso, hermano. Estoy muy orgulloso de tu!!