13 October 2008

Dating on the dime

Step lightly....she's a bombshell!

Let's be honest: Good-looking
women in the 21st century have the world -- literally -- by the balls. That's because for very attractive women men are panting puppets, sex is available on demand and money flows from male wallets in a never-ending stream of avarice.Without lifting a finger, very attractive women enjoy lives that most people can only fantasize about.For men, the lure of dating very attractive women is obvious as they are arm candy, boost self-esteem, increase social status among men, multiply a guy's sexual desirability, and hot women are just damn good to look at. While all of this is well and good, very attractive women have their dark side and can be shallow, self-centered and self-absorbed, not to mention that many of them are selfish, think that their vaginas are gold-plated, and are manipulators, among many other negative qualities.Despite these drawbacks, very attractive women are what most guys look for. Since these women are constantly bombarded with male attention, they can afford to be highly selective about the men they date, which usually lands them some dude with money first and good looks second.Is there any hope for you if you don't have extremely good looks or lots of cash? Well, you just might be able give yourself a decent shot if you're willing to make a couple of shifts in your dating strategy and take our advice on dating very attractive women.The key to success with dating very attractive women is to be different. Beautiful women have heard it all, so if you want a chance at very attractive women, you're going to have to do something different.Here are a few examples of what it takes when dating very attractive women:

Treat her like she's nothing special

Talk to her like you would any other person. Don't act awestruck by her looks, don't gush out compliments and never stare at her with lust. Reduce the intimidation factor, be debonair and seem aloof, as if you don't care about her looks. Whatever you do, don't assume she doesn't want to talk to you. Dating very attractive women requires you to almost seem indifferent.

Don't hit on her

This is what she expects from the typical guy, so just make like you're ignoring her. This is a great technique to use if you run into very attractive women on a routine basis at work, a coffee shop or a health club. If you don't give her any attention -- while openly paying attention to other women -- she won't be able to stand it because you'll be the only guy within a hundred miles who isn't drooling over her. With luck, she'll be intrigued. Avoid
pickup lines at all costs.

Tease her

Very attractive women can sense
fear and insecurity the way a moth smells pheromones, so be light, fun and entertaining. Boyish charm can take you a long way with these women -- many of the great-looking guys they date can be seriously personality-challenged.Dating very attractive women requires a seemingly big ego..

Keep her guessing

The idea is to keep her off-balance, intrigued and guessing -- make her want to spend time with you just because you're so different from any other guy out there. Just remember: Don't let your guard down and go wimpy on her -- the very second she thinks she's in
control of you, it's all over. So by being different, by bringing a little refreshing change into the life of very attractive women, you might be surprised -- it might just be the breath of fresh air she's been looking for. Sure, it's no magic charm, and it's certainly not going to work every time. Trying to score a date with very attractive women is definitely a numbers game. But all it takes is one, and if you pull it off, you're going to be in for the sweetest ride of your life.

Matthew Fitzgerald is the author of
Sex-Ploytation. He has appeared on radio shows from coast to coast in the United States and in Canada, and has been featured on the Montel show and The Other Half.

Comfort or Conform

To comfort or to conform....that is the ?

I've often heard women say that it's fashionable to wear shoez that maybe uncomfortable in attempt to conform. Women I've dated (not disclosing a #) have spoken to the fact that some foot wear have a time frame of, let's say, dos horas. So, I'm privy to this concept on the chicks side.

Now, having said this...Last week, a buddy of mine (whom which is a fashionista in Atlanta) were having lunch at a little spot known for having healthy eats on Ponce de Leon and we commenced to elaborate on shoe comfort.

I enjoy listing to his perspective because he brings a different angle from which I stand and I'm sure that some of you may support.

Lets refer to him as "Mr. T." Mr. T says that he agrees with the notion that most women subscribe to. Certain shoez are for certain occasions.(and your feet may turn into pumpkins if you don't get them out of there in time.) He further spoke of purchasing some fly#** kicks from "Bally's" and they needed to be broken in. So he passed them along to a friend of his to be loosing up. So when Mr. T got his kicks back, the shoez were a little bit more comfortable but I'd gathered from our conversation, It wasn't exactly what he'd expected. Now I'm not to keen on passing along my kicks to my boy to break'em in. That's my job!

If your footwear isn't comfort don't conform. Before the evening is over, you'll be walking like that fine mujer in that cute fitting outfit unfashionably tip toeing accross the street. You know the one that we say, "she's walking like her feet hurt."

Like is stated in the "zapatos" piece, make the investment on the front-end and your feet will thank you. Your kicks should provide you with estilo and comfort before departing the store if not keep your pesos. Do your research. Find shoe companies that design shoez tailoring your foot make. All shoez are not for all fellas.

Mr. T and I disagreed on shoe comfort but we did agree that the quesadilla's was a good fit!