28 December 2008

Futebol Americano, Tom Brady

Why He's A Style Icon

Few athletes transcend jock-wear and move easily into high fashion as Tom Brady has over the years. Quarterbacks usually find plenty of attention for their personal style, but Tom Brady has a second career in fashion in the off-season because he dares to mix traditional American blue-blazer looks with European minimalism. His chiseled jaw, closely cropped hair and physique help his overall look, but don’t be fooled by his all-American smile. Tom Brady knows how to dress because, unlike other professional athletes who seem uncomfortable in anything but their jerseys, Tom Brady is always confidant and comfortable even when he experiments. Take for instance his ability to walk the streets of Paris in slim-fitting pyjama pants, sandals, Italian sunglasses, and a matching long-sleeve shirt one week, while sauntering into a New York City steak house the next week in a gray flannel three-piece suit. You will not see Peyton or Eli Manning calling this kind of sartorial play any time soon.

Dressing The Brady Way
Tom Brady’s style derives from his fearless ability to blend converging elements। Consider his quintessential look of sporty European sneakers, dark jeans and a zippered sweater topped off by a classic yet contemporary blue blazer with blue dress buttons. At times he substitutes the sweater for an athletic hooded sweatshirt.The sneakers and jeans are easy enough and the sweater or sweatshirt requires minimal effort, but the blazer is an inspired finishing touch. The whole look merges European sportswear with American athleticism, which is completed by the slightly conservative yet go-anywhere appeal of the blazer.

To achieve the ultimate Tom Brady look, consider blending Cole Haan Air Ventura sneakers with Dolce & Gabbana jeans, a white Hugo Boss sweater or sweatshirt and a dark blue Ermenegildo Zegna cashmere and silk blazer

While all of these converge for a continental off-field uniform, it is the blazer that gives Tom Brady his eternally youthful look with a touch of respectabilit.


Blazing by Old Man Winter

Blazers or The Sport Jacket...

The largest holiday season is once again upon us, so we must handle it with estilo in mind. Either you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or just life, we as men of estilo must appear to do it with ease.

Here in the lower south east, temperature's can range from the 60's to the bone chilling teens, so having the correct density is of extreme priority. Add a layer of protection.

Throw on a Blazer! It's sharp, mature, heavy and a sugar magnet.

Many styles to choose from and certainly one or two, too suit your estilo. Blazers come in wool, tweed, leather, velvet, sued, velour, herringbone and mi favorito, the corduroy.

Their versatile in the way you rock them. Lace-em over any sweater provided that they complement each other especially a v-neck sweater with a button down shirt for any outing excluding dancing or slap on a hoodie underneath it for more of a sport estilo. All looks can be paired with slacks or jeans.

Hermanos (brothers) when Old Man Winter blows his cool-ass breath, you'll stand there with estilo and say "it's not as cold as I thought." THAT'S ESTILO!