24 September 2008

Well well, "The Tie!"

Allow me to speak on that solid, striped, poker-dotted or other designs elongated piece of, lets say, your personality.

Your tie speaks volume to the world. Ties can revive that suit that may have lost it's luster or just transform that existing corporate uniform. It signifies if you're, at that moment, bold, light hearted, powerful, fun or even, passionate. So choose wisely.

There are an assortment of colors, estilos and fabrics out there.. Several estilos to suit with your suit or to suit with your character.

I can recall as a kid dreading the idea of wearing a tie. It meant to me that the top button was closed, I couldn't breathe and i had to attend to my tongue(the tie that is) as long as I was dressed up. Now for god sakes we have, "the tie clamp," or maybe they were available and my dad wasn't too interested in them but I am now!

Now, every caballero(gentleman) 21and up should know how to properly execute the "four in a hand" knot. It's clean and simple enough for even a adolescent to perform. If you consider yourself a well dressed fella and cant sweep this motion in under 2mins, then think again! Even if you don't wear neck ties daily, it's a basic function to being tight.

I personally like ties because, once again, I enjoy being different. I'll rock it casually with jeans and a button down for a added ascent or even plain front slacks, sandals and a button down. By adding ties to my estilo, it speaks of humor and confidence to the masses without uttering a word.

Try showing up on a date even if it's a picnic sporting a knit tie casually worn and see how well your date goes, provided that you're on your best behavior and then, holla back...

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