04 October 2008

"To lead or to lag"

Caballeros...do you lead or lag, is the ?

I would ponder those words if I wasn't sure. It's easy to get caught up in the estilo of what's in. We're inundated from marketing genius, from tv commercials, bill boards, to publications and celebrity endorsements, so beware. If your estilo is heavily swayed by the above mentioned, you fella are a lag. If you travel the urban grind and cats are rocking similar gear, such as the same type of zapatos(shoez) denims, shirts, caps, etc, worn in the same fashion, it may be time to flip the script.

Lets view this from a resume perspective: If we'd all received our resumes from the same service, what's to separate us from another...not mucho. Of course, the content may differ but I'm speaking on an aesthetic level... Or even when you step up into that joint filled with chicas and you blend in like to previous fifteen guys. I hope your game is stronger than your ability to lead.

Now, to all my estilo gents that shop in the vintage, thrift in addition to retail, I'm smirking & bobbing my head to you! Your estilo exudes a strong sense of individuality and you wear it fashionably. Your resume doesn't make it to file13 and you're the one who parts the red sea when you inner a spot and that feminine energy is uncontrollably attached to you...now what you do after that is up to you, just know, you in the doe(slang for door).

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